The Cycon Online Game (COG) Engine

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     The Cog Engine Project is an Open Source project aimed at simplifying the creation of online video games. Users can make their own video games with no programming experience necessary, with a target audience ranging from children to gurus. Games can be played in a web brower (no software installation necessary!), and native ports of the development application are available for Linux and Windows.

     Currently, games have a text-based interface, with photo-realistic graphics and a clickable compass for movement. Future versions will have a MYST-like interface. Our goal is to bring as much power and flexibility to the game creator as possible, while still remaining simple enough for a motivated child to use

    The game engine and development application have both reached a stable state with the recent 1.0 release. The 1.1 development branch has been opened, with the goal of merging the game engine and develoment environment when running locally, and a full rewrite of the web application. There is plenty of work left to be done, including feature implementation, bugfixes, and documentation. See the News and Screenshots sections for regular updates on our progress.

     This website is meant to serve as a central repository for the development of the Cog Engine, the Engine's associated development tools, documentation, game authoring and discussion, and as a central link to anyone who might be hosting a Cog Engine game of their own. The project and this site was created and is maintained by Steven M. Castellotti, who can be reached at

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