The Cycon Online Gaming (COG) Engine

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   This page will serve as a host to the various games on the internet created for use with the Cog Engine. The Cycon Odyssey, the game which spawned the development of the COG Engine (Refer to the Project History under located under Introduction for more information) is currently the only game available for the Cog Engine, and is still under heavy construction. Feel free to roam around and iteract with the game, but please bear in mind that the game is by no means finished (i.e. please ignore the rough edges).

   Also, please be aware that many of the latest features of the Cog Engine do not make it into the Java Applet (Online) version of the Engine. For the best playing experience, you should visit the download page, and download the full version of the Cog Engine for your operating system.

   Finally, please know that the Low Bandwidth/Low Resolution version of the Cycon Odyssey is updated less frequently than the High Bandwidth/High Resolution version. If you are on a slow connection, you may wish to download the entire Cycon Odyssey from the Downloads page, and play it on your local computer.

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