The Cycon Online Game (COG) Engine

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     Project Update - I have returned from France and the project's development is back on track. The COG Engine itself has not undergone any significant changes while I was away, but I am proud to say that the Cycon Odyssey, the first fully-playable game for the COG Engine is very near completion. The Cycon Odyssey will be useful to showcase the feature of the COG Engine, and to give new users an idea of what exactly is currently possible. More information to come in the near future.
     Project Update - I realize that this page has not been updated very much recently, and for that I apologize. I wish to firmly state, however, that the COG Engine is an ongoing project and that progress continues to be made and has been made over the past month. Starting with July I will be spending six weeks in France, and how much work I will be able to put into the project is at this time unknown, as I am currently the sole developer.

     On a more positive note however, the private elementary school where I work will be using the COG Engine to provide a virtual walkthrough tour of the school for prospective students as well as nostalgiac alumni/ae. This means that once I return from France I will not only have more time to devote to the project, but all of the resources I might need available to me.Updates to the Engine have already gained fruition from this development, however as they as yet undocumented I will not post them unless requested.


     Dynamic GUI components added. You can no turn on/off components such as the Command Line, the Compass, the Statistical Information window, and the Inventory Window. This is useful for applications in in which the display of experience points (or some such variable) is not useful/appropriate, such a virtual walkthrough tour of a real-world location.


     Relative Filename URLs Completed - all textfile URLs must now be entered relative to the COG Engine class file (codeBase). This permits a game to be moved from one server to another without modifying all of the text files. Only the directory structure must be maintained.

     ShowAllVerbs GameInfoOBJ boolean Added - the Info text file now contains a "Show All Verbs" field. This is used when help is requested, determining whether or not all of the games available verbs should be displayed. This will always be the case when DebugMode is enabled, but if both variables are set to false, no user-defined verbs will be displayed. This means that the player will not get any additional hints by looking at the available verb list. This may be later changed to a per-case basis, added into the VerbOBJ.


     Direction Abstractions Completed - A game creator can now create and use any direction names that they desire. The greatest practical use of this feature would be to replace NorthWest and NorthEast with Turn Right and Turn Left, respectively. These movements would move the player into a separate room, with a different graphic, perhaps a shot of the previous room from a different perspective. The next step is to allow the Event grammar to consider direction movements as actions (the single object requirement would have to be dropped), which could then be used to change a room's graphic, and perhaps adding support for play oreintation (which direction they are facing).


The Initial Public Release of the COG Engine

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