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     Project Update - Isn't it funny how unexpected little things like schoolwork can suddenly creep in and stall up one's life? Fear not, progress is continuing to be made with the project, but right now my priority is graduating from college, so the COG Engine has been stuck in the back seat. None the less, the Cog Dev App is nearly ready for its initial release, which will hopefully be within the next two weeks. This announcement is mainly to say that things are fine, if not taking slightly longer than was originally hoped. Again, if anyone is interested in speading up the development of the CogDevApp, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by email.
     Project Update - Screenshots are now up. Routines to create a new game under the Development Application are now in place, and have been debugged. Game Information and Player Editing is also in place. A few issues with data structures have been meshed out as well this weekend (The COG Engine is expecting information stored in arrays, but in order to keep data storage dynamic, the Development Application relies on Hashtables).

     As you can see, things are progressing nicely. Page accesses were at an all time high for the month of march, more than double the month before. I will do my best to keep the web pages updated as development continues, but I'm only one person. I thank everyone who has written in to me so far with their comments, and welcome any future comments/questions/suggestions about the state of the project.

     Project Update - The development of the COG Engine Development Application is moving along briskly. We're now up to about 1700 lines of code, all fully debugged and working. In it's current state, the Development Application will allow you to: Load COG Data files, View data in a form-based layout for all objects (except Events), Edit and Update Game Information Data, and Save all current data to a new COG Data file. Due to Java security issues, file I/O can currently only be handled by an "appletviewer" application whose permissions have been edited. This means that you can not yet run the Development Application from a Web Browser and expect to be able to Load/Save your data! This is something that will be worked out in the future.

    The key features still remaining to be implemented are Scrollbars for the Editor panels, adding new/switching between rooms, items, etc., New Game default settings, Event editing, Object Hyperlinks, Data Debugging routines, and a few other smaller issues. Once these features can be implemented however, the editor should be fit for use in editing/creating game modules, and I will make the code available for downloading. I will consider releasing the code earlier to any individual that mails me at requesting the current code.

    In any case, you can expect to see screen shots of the application in its current state by the end of the day, and I will continue hacking away daily for the forseeable future.

     Project Update - The coding of The COG Engine Development Application is now officially underway. Approximately 500 lines of code are already in place, with many more to follow today and over the course of this coming week. This application's purpose is to replace the necessity of relying exclusively on text files for game creation. While the importation from/exportation to text files will still be fully supported (for the purpose of editing under any environment), the COG Engine Development Application will support a complete Java-based GUI interface for the editing/creation of COG Engine Game Modules.

    Features will include moving around the room editor using the Cog Engine's compass interface, hyperlinked jumping to any object contained in a room as well as to any room containing an object, as well and the ability to enter the Event editor fuction for any Event associated with any room/object.

     Project Update - The Official COG Engine Beta (version 0.90) is out and now available for downloading!

     This release includes the new Multi-Threaded graphic download function, which means greatly increased performance during gameplay, especially for low-bandwidth users. Under this system, all calls to download new Images are backgrounded, allowing the player to continue entering commands, moving from room to room, etc. while the graphics download in the background.

     As this is the Beta release, no new major features are planned for the Cog Engine before the final 1.0 release. I would like to have the Internet Explorer NPE problem solved before this release, if at all possible. I also would like to have the Cog Development Application complete for the official release as well as the Cycon Odyssey. Tentative schedule is slated for mid-May, unless more developers would be willing to help out with the workload.

     Project Update - The COG Engine has undergone a great deal of development over the course of the past few weeks. All paint() issues have been solved, and graphical compass buttons have been implemented 100%. After Layering environmental object coding and threaded graphical downloads have been completed, a new version will be released and announced on freshmeat.

    The new code has not been thrown online here yet, but it can be download from the new CVS server at the new SourceForge site. Look for a new version within the next two weeks.

     Project Update - The development of the COG Engine has slowed down pending a re-implementation of the Web Client's GUI (Not to mention an abundance of schoolwork!). I had completed and incorporated the code for Graphical Compass Buttons, however due to a problem with the paint() method, the actual images were not being redrawn properly. After many consultations with various individuals, the exact cause of the problem could not be determined.

     As a result, the current interface is going to be scrapped in favor of a JPython implementation. Python allows for rapid GUI prototyping with a clear, simple syntax, and JPython allows for python scripts to be compiled into Java Bytecode for view under standard web browsers. Since JDK 1.2 is not currently available for any major web browser, we have previously been limited to the functionality of Java's older Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT). With JPython however, the COG Engine can benefit from a far more advanced interface, while still remaining compatible with current browsers.

     If anyone is interested in working with the old development code (which includes Graphical Compass Button) please e-mail me and I'll post the source.

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